Jun 14

Happiness is by choice and not chance….

Happiness is by choice and not chance….

I came across this quote recently and it is a prescient reminder that we have more choice than perhaps we think we do. We often make up reasons why we have ‘got to’ do something. “I will get fired”, “So and so will hate me”, “It will all end in tears”… How many of these things are true in reality? It is a choice. I will be at work tomorrow morning because I choose to be. If I don’t show up, I may get fired, I may not. The point is I have a choice about what happens and I can control my own destiny. There isn’t someone with a loaded gun at my head ‘making’ me go to work.

We often forget that we DO have a choice. We make things up, we imagine dire consequences. We allow ourselves to be swayed about what could happen. In this world, the consequences assume a life of their own and they stop us from taking action and being responsible for our own success.

Ask, find out, don’t assume. Happiness is a conscious choice.

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