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How to succeed when the Stone Age ends

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How to succeed when the Stone Age ends

You might have heard of the following well-worn phrase:

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone

This has been used and over used since the early 1970’s and is usually mentioned in connection with energy and our seeming never ending reliance on fossil fuels.

What comes next?

If we ask the question “what followed the Stone Age” it takes on a completely different dimension. Historian’s will answer that it was the Bronze age, then the Iron Age etc. However what we are really doing is acknowledging that the world moves on. We may be comfortable with where we are, but eventually things will change.

Recognising this, ask yourself how many people are either stuck in today, or even worse, stuck in the past? They agonise over what could be quite straightforward decisions for various different reasons. A lot of the indecision is rooted in resistance to change, but how can you stop change?

In effect what happens is the metaphorical Stone Age ends and they aren’t ready for the world that replaces it. They didn’t think it through, they were not prepared or they simply weren’t brave enough to let go.

Is everyone like this?

In a funny way, entrepreneurs recognise this. They see that there are different, or better ways of doing things – metal wheels are better than stone. They pioneer , create, take risks but always from the perspective of what can we create or do that doesn’t exist already but which shifts the paragdim? In ‘old money’ terms you might call this challenging the status quo.

It isn’t just entrepreneurs who do this, lots of people in all walks of life think about, and prepare for, the challenges of tomorrow. Tomorrow might never come, but if that were true, the Stone Age wouldn’t have ended.

Put this another way. There is an inevitability that life will change. So is it better to anticipate and adapt, or to wait? You may not be accurate about what you anticipate, however, call it right and you are streets ahead of anyone else. Even if you don’t get it right, being prepared for change means that you are streets ahead of the competition.

How do I start focusing on tomorrow?

Only you will know where to start. However, if you find yourself mired in indecision, for example, ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Will this decision matter next week?
  • Will it matter next month?
  • Will it matter in ten years?

It is so easy to hold yourself back on decisions that have a shelf life and will quickly become irrelevant. If it won’t matter in a month, why waste energy agonising?

Coaching is a great way of getting a different perspective on your individual challenges.

So, if you want to win tomorrow, you know what to DO – START TODAY. There will never be a better time!

Otherwise, don’t you risk becoming an archaeological relic? You do have a choice, your future is in your own hands.

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