Coaching Supervision

Principal Coach Peter Duffell of Westwood Coaching offers supervision on a one to one basis for practicing coaches. Peter is a member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and holds the Certificate in Coaching Supervision from Oxford Brookes University. Peter regularly speaks about his coaching and supervision experiences at national and international conferences.

Coach Supervision at Westwood Coaching

We have supervised coaches from a range of different industries and professions. We focus on providing support in accordance with the three generally accepted areas where coaches need support:

  • Ensuring work is normative – that the coach’s work is professional and ethical
  • Formative/developmental – in order to facilitate personal and professional development of the coach
  • Restorative – providing emotional support for the coach.

These align with the EMCC Guidelines on Supervision (EMCC, 2016) and the guidelines of coach training organisations.

“Supervision helped me to uncover things that were not quite in my field of vision”

The Benefits of Coach Supervision:

Don’t just take our word for it – The International Coaching Federation defines the benefits of regular supervision by a trained Coach Supervisor as helping you to:

  • Develop your coaching skills and/or your coaching practice to provide the highest standards of service to your clients.
  • Address with an experienced supervisor, on a confidential basis, ethical issues that you may encounter during coaching.
  • Accelerate your professional and personal development, as part of life long learning as a coach.
  • Explore issues and dilemmas in a safe and confidential environment and obtain an experienced second opinion on coaching situations that may arise.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and build resilience and confidence as a new coach.

At Westwood Coaching, these benefits are at the heart of the work we do with the coaches that we supervise.

What some of our Supervision Clients have said:

“Peter’s supervision sessions always inspire valuable new insight every time. His empathetic questioning helps me explore issues fully.

More importantly, he helps me to uncover things that were not quite in my field of vision”. FT, Bicester.

“Peter’s calm and patient approach always gives me the space and time to work out exactly what it is that I think.

From there the action becomes obvious”. AW, Oxford.

More information

If you’d like more information about how Westwood Coaching can assist you with Coaching Supervision, we’d love to hear from you.

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Westwood Coaching is a member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AoCS).

The AoCS was formed as an association purely to focus on coach supervision.

Supervision is still at its pioneering stage hence a platform was needed to enable coaches and buyers of coaching to understand supervision

better. Westwood Coaching subscribes to the AoCS Code of Ethics for Supervision.