Personal Coaching

Are you really focusing on what is really important to you in all aspects of your life? Are you as happy or as satisfied as can be with all those areas, or do you feel like you’re stuck in one or more of them and want to be in a better place?

Do you have the right work/life balance? Are there difficult decisions and changes you need to make in your family life, relationships or career? Do you need to increase your confidence or motivation to do things? Do you struggle to make decisions or prevaricate over the decisions that you know you need to make? Personal Coaching from Westwood Coaching can really help.

Personal Coaching at Westwood Coaching

Our coaches are very experienced at working with our clients to help them turn dreams into goals or deal with issues that are holding them back. There are three areas that we generally focus upon:

  • Perspective – broaden an individuals perspective in order to open their minds and so enabling them to make progress towards their goals.
  • Empowerment – helping individuals to recognise their own self-worth and help them to improve their own self-belief.
  • Direction – helping an individual to focus on where they want to go. More importantly encouraging them to take action towards reaching their goals.

“Westwoods’ calm and patient approach always gives me space and time to work out exactly what I think. From there the action becomes obvious.”


Personal Coaching Example

Career Coaching – most people spend roughly a third of their lives at work. Consequently, the importance of being happy with what you do is self-evident. Below are some questions to reflect on, which we might ask in a personal coaching conversation focusing upon a client who has concerns about their career:

  • How satisfied are you with your current role and career progression?
  • Do you enjoy your work environment and your colleagues?
  • Is your full potential being realised with your current job?
  • Are you happy with your current work-life balance?
  • If these are some of your concerns, isn’t it time you took some action? After all, if you do nothing about them, how is the situation going to improve? Remember, at Westwood Coaching we can assist you to become more successful in many different areas of work and home.

    “If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want” (Kevin Ng)

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