What are eMotive Cards?

The eMotive cards were developed by Peter Duffell, founder of Westwood Coaching. They have been created as a tool for coaches to help them access client emotion as part of their coaching relationship. They have been developed collaboratively by client and coach focus groups, with the intent that the tool should be equally relevant to both. Our experiences with emotion in coaching is that it is important that tools have not been created by coaches to be applied to clients like a classic coaching tool might.The eMotive cards offer clients a lot of freedom in which to express their emotions “in their own words”. Clients particularly like them because they have complete freedom to decide how they wish to use them and there is no right or wrong way to do this. They report that they find the absence of the ‘rules’ normally associated with a coaching tool to be quite empowering for them. See our papers and awards page for copies of some of our published articles.

“Emotion can inform coach and client in the sense-making of situations. It can be the vital motivator in goal attainment and it can help raise awareness of the real issues to be addressed”

The eMotive cards are based upon the findings of a Masters degree research project which considered emotion-self evaluation measures for coaching. The key benefit to using these cards are:

  • Creation of a common language for emotion based conversations between coach and client – in the clients “own words”.
  • Emotions can be objectified and externalised.
  • Powerful coaching conversations with clients about their emotions are easily facilitated.

Discuss emotion with your clients, in your clients “own words” with eMotive Cards

Coaches are expected to work with client emotion. How do you do this when the client is unable to describe their emotional feelings to the coach? With the eMotive cards, the client is guided through this dilemma, avoiding issues where the coach might suggest emotional feelings to the client that are not completely authentic for them.

The eMotive cards can also be used for a quick temperature check at the start of a coaching session.

A wonderfully versative and high quality resource which I can thoroughly recommend from practise!
Flo van Diemen van Thor, Socius Associates, UK

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The eMotive cards are a great addition to our coaching toolkit. They have proven their value in coaching situations, where they have helped to untangle difficult experiences, allowing the client to take a fresh perspective on how they felt about them.
London-based coach

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The research upon which the eMotive cards has been based, highlights that language and use of language is dynamic. Westwood Coaching are continuing this research and would be pleased to receive feedback from coaches about the words that clients choose to write on the cards themselves.

If you want to make a small contribution to this research project, please complete the form below and send it to us, listing words that your clients may have selected that are not on the cards.

Please note, we take client confidentially very seriously, so please do not give us any information that could directly or indirectly reveal the identify of a client (person or organisation).

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