April 11

Do you choose Success or Regret?

Do you choose Success or Regret?

In Marshall Goldsmiths new book, Triggers, he makes a prescient observation that “even the most indestructible leader has regrets”.

For those of you unfamiliar with Marshall, he is an eminent business educator, thinker and coach who has been very influential throughout his long and distinguished career.

That leaders have cause for regret is not an idle thought, as Marshall has coached more that 150 CEO’s.

Whilst it might be a prescient observation, it is just a starting point. Regret is a powerful emotion and one that we all recognise in a way that is personal to us. Hence what might be regret for you could be disappointment for someone else – but these are just different colours of thinking about things that may not have gone so well.  So what can we learn from it?